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Further into your ‘piping career, you can learn about piobaireachd, and the more advanced technique that this uses. Normally, ‘pipers study ‘light’ music for four or five years before starting on this.

You may also become interested in pipe bands. A pipe band is a group of bagpipes and drums – snare, or side drums, tenor drums (like tom toms) and a bass drum. Usually the proportions are six pipes to one bass drum, one or two tenor drums and three snare drums. Check the internet for your local group, or please feel very welcome to get in touch with Lindsay Davidson (email: lindsaydavidson(at)lindsaydavidson(dot)co(dot)uk) direct for advice on starting your own!  

You might want to take up smallpipes or borderpipes.

You might also want to explore differnet 'piping traditions such as Gaita Gallega (Galician bagpipes), or medieval bagpipes.

Please also take note that  this site is undergoing expansion, scheduled to last until early 2016, with the addition of several very substantial sections. Do keep coming back!!

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